White Goods Keypad Test Systems

The "Rota Keypad Test Systems" is a comprehensive test platform designed to assess product durability and increase end-user satisfaction. The system evaluates the fatigue and wear times of buttons controlling device functions through keypad life and performance tests. The sensitive, reliable, and repeatable test systems offered by "Rota Keypad Test Systems", facilitates the number of times a button can be pressed or turned, the force applied, and the duration to be determined and reported. In addition to these features, functional controls are automatically conducted by receiving feedback on the device.


System Overview

Key features of the Rota Keypad Test Systems include: • Parallelism with the conditions of use, with controlled drive in linear and rotary axes in accelerated life tests • Servo pneumatic and servo-electromechanical solutions • Usability for key testing, keyboard testing, keypad testing, membrane testing, snap key testing, microswitch testing, general purpose switches, and/or any product requiring fatigue testing • Circuit resistance and bounce time measurement • 4-6 key and program loop tests • Stand-alone or PC-based operation • Adjustable force and impact rate • Electronic infrastructure that can communicate with the test sample

Customized Solutions for Different Industries

The primary application areas of "Rota Keypad Test Systems" include the white goods and automotive sectors, where complex functions are simplified through buttons and keypads. Testing the reliability and long-term performance of keypads that end users interact with is crucial in determining product yield expectations. There is a demand for reliable systems to fulfill these tests, particularly in the white goods and automotive industries. The "Rota Keypad Test Systems" offers specialized, reliable, and sensitive solutions for testing commonly used products, such as washing machines, hoods, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

How it Works?

Universal & Tailored

"Rota Keypad Test Systems" provides universal or customized solutions, developing products that cater to a wide range of working conditions, such as force, speed, number of cycles, and cycle sequence, according to product needs. The system is suitable for durability testing of buttons on touch screen panels, mechanical buttons, and other related control panels. Single-point button/multi-point button pressing and program cycle operation can be performed with "Rota Keypad Test Systems".


One Test, Many Data

"Rota Keypad Test Systems" is a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable tool capable of testing all components, such as buttons, keypads, drawers, and levers, in end-user products. The system effectively tests resistance, contact bounce, the total number of failures, and total sequential failures. It also allows users to compare test results with user-defined parameters and can stop the test if a specific number or consecutive number of test parameter errors occur.