Test Systems

Test Systems are extensively used in research and development activities and quality verification applications. Rota Teknik has solutions for Structural Test Systems, Environmental Test Systems, Hydraulic Product Test Systems and Hydrodynamic Test Systems used at every stage of production in all sectors.


In product and system tests; You can contact us to experience the difference of Rota Teknik with its expert engineer staff, technological infrastructure, manufacturing volume and R&D perspective at every critical point, from design to manufacturing, from software to after-sales support, briefly at every step expected from a solution partner.

Structural Test Systems

Rota Teknik has extensive knowledge and experience in testing systems, fluid, mechanical, thermal and electrical design, software development. It provides service in all activities related to quality control, assembly, training and after sales. Rota Teknik offers standard solutions designed in accordance with international standards and special test solutions completely customized according to the technical requirements of the individual customer.

Environmental Test Systems

Rota Teknik Environmental Test Cabinets are test systems that allow you to test your products by exposing them to environmental conditions. These systems consist of high energy efficient heating, cooling, humidification and control systems equipped with modern technology. Rota Teknik offers high quality, reliable solutions suitable for wide working ranges.

Hydrodynamic Test Systems

In the formation of ocean and open sea deep water waves; It is used to examine the performance of scale ships and water structures in deep water waves. This type of wave generators can create regular waves according to the desired water depth, wave height and wave period, or irregular waves according to the desired wave spectrum parameters and wave generation time.

Hydraulic Equipment Test Systems

Rota Teknik has designed and manufactured performance, durability and environmental test systems for hydraulic pumps, valves and hoses with its unique knowledge and experience in Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Test systems are perfectly supported by standard or customized user-friendly software.


ROTA Teknik A.Ş. provides uninterrupted customer support services following "Hydraulic Piping", commissioning within the context of turnkey engineering project solutions.