Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems

"Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems" provide optimal solutions for the testing, measurement, and analysis of white goods such as washing machines, hoods, dishwashers, and refrigerators. The comprehensive and need-oriented test and analysis models ensure that the products belonging to the white goods sector being tested have the appropriate performance for their categories and comply with the standards.

Precise Measurement Capability

"Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems," accurately measures the instantaneous, average, and RMS values of independent AC/DC electrical quantities with its integrated test solution facility.

Integrated Testing Solutions

The existing electronic cards are constantly tested under different conditions during the R&D studies of white goods like washing machines and refrigerators. "Rota Electronic Card Testing and Analysis Systems" provide precise and accurate product testing with customized precision measurement capability for a more efficient R&D period. Rota’s Electronic Card Test and Analysis System’s integrated test solutions, offers a one-stop control of software and hardware, which are configurable and provide high-resolution data collection, storage, and analysis (80 channels of 16-bit analog input, 24 channels digital input/output, 2 channels analog output). Its wheeled, easily portable, and compact structure provides an uninterrupted and free working environment without restrictions.


Fast and Secure Data Collection Method

"Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems" can present test results in desired categories. The Data Acquisition System (DAQ) feature provides a fast, secure, and reliable data collection experience while meeting all necessary additional requirements. The system software belongs entirely to the Rota Teknik family, and it offers test plan creation, signal testing, recording and comparison of measurement values, analysis, and reporting of test results. "Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems" stores test configurations prepared by users and parameter records on the system. The Card Test and Analysis System also enables information sharing between users, with the ability to automatically store measurement values and document test procedures.


Flexible Solutions

In "Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems," a standard USB port offers easy applicability with a PC connection. It provides the opportunity to test electronic cards without expensive hardware or separate programming. "Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems" are equipped with electronic cards capable of insulated and non-insulated current/voltage reading, on/off sensor control and simulation, RTD simulation, PFM, and PWM measurement. The Card Test and Analysis System can measure 0 - 280V AC/DC voltage simultaneously and/or through independent channels. Its insulated and non-insulated measurement channels allow the same equipment to be used for testing many products operating at high and low voltage levels. It provides an economical test system with optimized superior features.


Energy Independent Test Opportunity

In case of repairs, the reaction of the card cannot be predicted, so the card should be tested before it is energized. In such a case, it is recommended to use non-destructive testing equipment to distinguish between "good" or "defective." "Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems" offer independent testing for the electronic board, heater, lighting, fan, LED, and stepper motor-like components. The Electronic Test System can test components independently of the control card or perform the test by connecting to the control card on the equipment to be tested. "Rota Electronic Card Test and Analysis Systems" are designed for sensitive access to the test points on the card. Card simulation and performance measurement with safety equipment offer a safe working area.


Overview of Specifications