6DOF Shake Table

Rota Teknik's Shake Tables are ideal for part or structure tests in various industries, such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and aviation. The system can be applied to numerous engineering structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, ports, piers, water tanks, breakwaters ,and wind turbines. These systems are used to test structures and parts subjected to random or periodic vibrations, allowing for the evaluation of their behavior against dynamic forces. Simulations of regular or irregular waves can be applied to test samples. The carrying capacities of the shaking tables vary between 50 kg and 5,000 kg, offering advanced technical features.


6 DOF Shake Table

The "Rota Shake Table" can move in 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) with 8 servo-hydraulic cylinders. This means the system can perform translational and angular movements in the X, Y, and Z axes separately or in combination. Sensitive seismic loading can be achieved with these movable tables, providing a wide opportunity to evaluate their behavior under real earthquake conditions.


Earthquake Simulator

Earthquake simulators are vital for understanding the effectiveness of buildings and building components in resisting seismic shocks and vibrations, contributing significantly to construction project processes. The test results provide data for resilience assessment studies, damage pattern identification, measurements, and monitoring of how damage occurs and spreads in structures.


A First in Turkey!

The "First Domestic Hydraulic Earthquake Simulator/Shaking Platform with 6 Degrees of Freedom and 3 Axis" project, carried out in cooperation with Rota Teknik and Istanbul Technical University (ITU), is Turkey's first domestic application with a hydraulic drive of this size. Rota Teknik designs and manufactures Shake Tables in Turkey, which can simulate earthquakes, vibrations, turbulences, dynamic loads on structures and soils, and oscillations in full compliance with the original.


An Example Case: White Goods in Container

"Rota Shake Tables" have many technical capabilities beyond being used as earthquake simulators. They are also used in vibration tests, evaluating the mechanical strength of products such as white goods during transportation in containers. Logistics-related errors and damages are identifiable through the simulation.


Single, Dual or Multi-Axis

Shake tables are available in "single-axis", "bi-axial", or "multi-axis" options, designed as either servo-hydraulic or servo electromechanical driven.

“Rota Uniaxial Shake Tables” actuate structures or components mounted on the table by applying linear uniaxial acceleration. This product is a medium-sized uniaxial earthquake simulator that can test structural dynamics, vibration isolation, feedback control issues and other control topics related to earthquake, aerospace and mechanical engineering. Sinusoidal wave and preloaded acceleration profiles of real earthquakes are created to study their effects on buildings, bridges and various materials.

"Rota Biaxial Shaking Tables" consist of two uniaxial table units mounted perpendicular to each other, each capable of moving at different displacements and allow for high accelerations.

The tables are used to actuate the structures mounted on the table by delivering linear biaxial support acceleration in a horizontal and vertical plane, depending on the configuration. Rota Biaxial Shaking Tables, a biaxial, high-power planar earthquake simulator ideal for more advanced dynamic analysis and research on earthquake loss reduction, can carry different loads at high accelerations and velocities.

"Rota Teknik Multi-axis Shake Tables" allow the study of complex oscillation behaviors by moving test specimens mounted on the table in multiple axes.The table is driven by three linear axes. The displacement and acceleration of the ground are measured by built-in accelerometer sensors. Multi-axis shake tables are available in contemporary shake table structures, such as a six-axis leg system like the "Stewart Table" or a vertical shake table with 8 actuators.

Technical Specifications

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