Door Test Systems

When conducting environmental condition tests on your products, evaluating their structural and functional behavior is essential. Rota Teknik provides a wide range of test equipment solutions for simultaneous structural testing of moving parts such as covers, locks, and hinges in products tested under environmental conditions.

Possibility of testing in harsh conditions

Both fatigue and function tests

With Rota - RDTS equipment, you can perform fatigue tests on your products under high cycle numbers while also conducting performance and function tests with high data collection speeds. Systems that offer these dual test capabilities are designed to work in environmental test cabinets and are made from materials resistant to corrosion caused by humidity and temperature.

Comprehensive testing

All solutions in one system

Rota - RDTS test equipment can be easily integrated with other Rota Teknik environmental test systems. Door opening/closing mechanisms, determined according to your testing needs, are designed to work in all environmental cabinets, enabling you to perform structural and functional tests during your environmental tests seamlessly. Door open/close cycle information and data are synchronized with the existing data collection system data, facilitating easy analysis.