RRD Series - Rota Reach-In Climatic Test Cabinets

Rota’s RRD series is a compact, energy-efficient solution for the conditioning of small to medium sized test samples in varying environment conditions with vast working ranges. The innovative design with modern technology and advanced software developed by Rota Team results in an all-in-one cabinet to suit all the requirements of customers. The software includes an integrated predictive maintenance feature that acts as an early warning system.

High-end technology

Flexible and Yet Energy Efficient

RRD Environmental Test Cabinet’s design is energy-efficient, with heating, cooling, humidification, and control systems equipped with modern technology. The compact system configuration provides flexible, high-quality, accurate, and reliable solutions with minimal tolerances. Ergonomic function for ease of use is in the core design of these cabinets. The flexibility of the design enables single and multi-component system testing based on customer requirements.

CRC Software

Monitor and Control with User-friendly Web App.

RRD cabinet's inbuilt CRC Software controls the functionality of the cabinet system; this software accurately records temperature, analog, and digital data while providing real-time feedback. The web-based software is remotely accessible, allowing 24/7 tracking and adjustment of functional conditions from offsite, eliminating delays. The profile tracking module simplifies the testing process with precise, automatic monitoring of tests. The software can create different test profiles. According to the requested profile, the cabinet's advanced control capabilities simulate the ambient temperature and humidity with high precision. In addition, the requested and actual values are recorded with the data acquisition software and plotted in the user interface with high accuracy. DAQ Software The optional data acquisition system provides user-friendly graphical interpretations of the results and easy comparisons, including historical test data. DAQ is integrated into the CRC software creating one single application which is web-based and remotely accessible. The advanced software developed by the Rota Team enables the customization of the output representations, allowing unique changes that adapt the user interface to the customer's needs with a single software. Predictive maintenance alert CRC software includes an integrated predictive maintenance algorithm that detects possible malfunctions and maintenance requirements in advance with RRD Cabinets. The controller contains a modern artificial intelligence model, which enables all critical operating parameters to be monitored and analyzed, which then alerts users. This early alert reduces and can eliminate the down times of the cabinet and potential test interruptions.

Tailored to your needs

One cabin for all your testing needs

The operating conditions of the RRD cabinets are adjustable to facilitate diverse test requirements. The design provides high precision for test conditions, which can perform reliable and repeatable tests with functionality and affordable costs. RRD Cabinets are expertly designed based on the customer’s criteria. The adaptability of the RRD cabinet enables tests such as Thermostatic Stability Tests, Temperature Profile Monitoring, and Thermal Aging in a single cabin. The conduct of all tests under varying conditions would typically require more than one test cabinet; the unique design of Rota’s RRD cabinets reduces investment costs.

Reach-in cabinets

The RRD series are Reach-In cabinets that are compact and accommodate various configurations for part conditioning and testing, allowing medium-volume single products or small-volume multi-product configurations.

How it works
The system provides conditioned air which is controlled, monitored, and maintained in accordance with the test criteria. The Rota Team incorporates best ergonomic practices during the design process that is critical for the user-friendly functionality of the cabinets. Additional features just as adjustable castors, improve the ease of setup and ensure accurate, repeatable placement.

We are always with you

Uninterrupted technical support

The unique remote support service of the Rota Technical Service Team provides continual detection and intervention during operation. Depending on SLA, Rota offers up to 8-hour remote support and 48-hour on-site response guarantee for the best technical support on RRD test cabinets.

Environmental Standards

Standard Compliance Tests

Rota’s experienced Test Engineering Team offers unique solutions with paramount precision to fulfill standard requirements and tolerances specific to the country and test sample’s criteria.

Let us help you find what you need

Tailored to your needs

Using the test sample dimensions and test condition requirements supplied by the customer, the expert Rota Team calculates the system capacity size, test area size, and working conditions; to provide an optimized solution for the best functionality and most significant cost-efficiency. Additional optional features Conditioning and testing variations often require additional specifications, features, or elements. Fixed design cabinets rarely accommodate these variations, Rota’s innovative design allows for the inclusion of these additional requirements within their flexible design of the RRD cabinets. For example an extra port of varying dimensions to allow an electrical cable for power supply or a hose for water supply. A complete list of optional additions can be found in the “RRD- Ordering Info” table below in this web page.


RRD Technical Specifications