RMC Series: Rota Walk-in Climatic Test Chambers for Various Industries

Rota Teknik Environmental Test Systems allows product testing in controlled, stable environments with extreme conditions. RMC Chambers offers high-quality, accurate, and reliable solutions for large-scale or multi-product testing. The Walk-in Chamber configuration provides flexibility and a wide range of operating conditions tailored to each customer's requirements, facilitating high-scale testing with real-time feedback.


Standards Compliance in Test Booths

RMC series test chambers deliver high-precision working conditions and energy efficiency through modern technology. The test system accurately simulates stable environmental conditions across a broad spectrum of operating ranges based on customer and respective country's standard requirements.


Integrated Data Acquisition and User-friendly Interface

The built-in data acquisition and analysis software ensure repeatable and reliable results for easy and convenient analysis. The Integrated Cabinet Control (CRC) and Data Acquisition System (DAQ) provide data collection, reporting, and real-time analysis. The web-based software with remote accessibility allows for 24/7 access to chamber operation and product test status. The system provides user-friendly graphical interpretations of the results and easy comparisons, including historical test results in a single application, eliminating the need for 3rd party software and manual data transfers. Programmable preselected condition changes enable autonomous adjustments timeously during the testing cycle.


Walk-in Chambers / Drive-in Chambers

RMC series test chambers accommodate high test volumes for large-volume products or small-volume multi-product test configurations. Test bays can be adjusted in size and are made from durable laminate composite material. The profile tracking module simplifies the testing process with precise, automatic tracking of test steps.


High energy efficiency

RMC chamber's energy-efficient design utilizes advanced proportional heating, cooling, humidification, ventilation, and control systems equipped with modern technology. The optional design allows the system to operate using existing facility resources, such as cooling towers, superheated steam lines, and regenerated ventilation lines.


Customized Solutions

The expert Rota Team uses customer-provided test sample dimensions and test condition requirements to calculate system capacity size, test area size, and working conditions. This process ensures optimized solutions for the best functionality and cost-efficiency.


RMC Technical Specifications