Temperature Measurement Corner (LVD Directive)

Especially the heat emitted by white goods used as a heat source to the environment during operation increases the temperature on nearby surfaces. Depending on the distance of the devices to the surfaces, it is necessary to control whether the heat emitted is at dangerous levels. For this reason, it is necessary to test the products according to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). “Rota Temperature Measurement Corner” is a test corner created for the measurement of the temperature emitted during operation by different equipment and allows testing of products according to the Low Voltage Regulation (LVD) requirements. According to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), electrical equipment operating in a voltage range of 50 to 1500 volts must be tested.


Technicial Specifications

More Than a Measuring Corner

“Rota Temperature Measurement Corner” is produced from 20 mm thick plywood material. The dimensions of the Temperature Measurement Corner are revised according to the dimensions of the product to be tested. 1 mm thick and 15 mm diameter copper discs are placed on all surfaces (walls, ceiling and floor) of the "Rota Temperature Measurement Corner". In order to measure the temperature in copper discs, J, K, T type thermocouples are used according to the customer's request. With these measuring points, which are evenly spaced on the surfaces of the test platforms, the temperatures of the surfaces during operation are monitored in real time. In this way, both the temperature distribution and the high temperature points are determined throughout the operation. The collected temperature data is converted into a heat map and reported. The test sample supply voltage and frequency are adjustable, and energy measurements are optionally provided during the test.

Far Above Standards

The “Rota Temperature Measurement Corner” test system is designed in accordance with the IEC/EN 60335-1 standard. This standard covers the electrical safety control tests carried out to check the safety compliance of electrical devices used in households and similar places and for commercial purposes, operating at a rated voltage not exceeding 250 V in single phase and 480 V in three phases. Battery powered devices and other direct current powered devices must be tested within the scope of this standard. The Temperature Measurement Corner provides reliable and repeatable tests in accordance with these standards.

Rota Technical Difference

"Rota Temperature Measurement Corner", which offers a free and customizable user experience by going beyond the stable and restrictive usage conditions of standard test corners, offers two great features unlike the standards:


Collecting Data from All Channels at the Same Time

With the "Rota Data Collection Systems", it is possible to collect data from all channels (1,500 channels) at the same time. The ability to collect data from all channels at the same time means both a high quality and cost-effective solution. Thanks to this quality and cost-effective solution, there is no need to connect the cable bundles to the sockets on the surfaces, as in conventional systems.


Adjustable Test Surfaces

In order to provide the surfaces determined by the standards, there is a uniquely designed electromechanical driven ceiling panel. Although this surface is movable, it also contains the temperature measurement surface. In this way, the testing of both small and large-sized white goods is carried out with a single mechanism. There is also an adjustable mounting interface for connecting the test specimen to the movable ceiling panel.