Hydraulic Test Actuators

Rota Teknik designs high-performance "RT Series" hydraulic actuators for servo-hydraulic applications. Rota Teknik produces "Rota Hydraulic Test Actuators" in various diameters, strokes, mounting types and force ratings, with types and features tailored to the required dimensions. Using top-quality raw materials and equipment, these actuators undergo 100% Pressure and Function Tests before delivery. "Rota Hydraulic Test Actuators" exhibit minimal friction and extended life, making them ideal for test applications. Rota Teknik's original, self-developed solution approaches consistently succeed in demanding hydraulic test actuator applications.


Successful Implementation

As industrial history shows, the assembly industry has been a primary focus. However, global conditions and the pursuit of more significant benefits have driven a shift towards original designs. In this context, Rota Teknik presents unique designs on a global scale using its resources rather than producing ready-made solutions for test actuators. Validation through testing is crucial at the development stage. Hydraulics are commonly used to apply force and test, particularly in structural test systems. Rota Teknik's test actuators provide the most effective solution for these needs.

Different and Seamless

Rota Teknik began manufacturing test actuators domestically as part of a localization effort, previously sourced from abroad, and achieved successful results on a global scale. Rota Teknik now export high-quality, trouble-free domestic production test actuators internationally. "Rota Hydraulic Test Actuators," which differ from standard industrial actuators, can operate at high frequencies and are best suited for long-term use. Hydraulic Test Actuators need low friction and flawless position and force control. Rota Teknik's Hydraulic Test Actuators meet these needs and requirements at the highest quality.

Special Connection Solutions

Various structural test applications use special hydraulic actuators with backlash-adjustable swivel connections for successive pressing and pulling movements. The ball joint allows limited rotational and tilting motion, providing an optimum, gap-free mechanical connection. Maintenance-free bearings reduce friction, eliminate the need for lubrication, and increase operating life.

Application Areas of Hydraulic Test Actuators

Rota Hydraulic Test Actuators are employed in component and structural tests for air and land vehicles. These test actuators also simulate situations a vehicle might encounter during operation. Rota Hydraulic Test Actuators are crucial and functional in research and development activities and quality verification tasks.

Features of Rota Hydraulic Test Actuators

Rota Teknik incorporates a holistic approach to quality when manufacturing Hydraulic Test Actuators. Understanding that quality cannot be left to chance, Rota Teknik's experienced design and production engineers utilize the latest and superior technology to ensure the success of hydraulic test actuators.