Hydraulic Service Manifolds

In test systems fed by a central hydraulic power unit with multiple test cylinders, it is crucial to stop a test without affecting the operation of the central system or other working cylinders. "Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" (HSM) are placed between hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic power unit, enabling tests to be started and stopped safely. HSMs allow for pressure regulation and filtration while providing smooth hydraulic pressure transitions to increase safety and enhance predictable control of the hydraulic system. Starting tests at low pressure is done hydromechanically. "Rota Hydraulic Piston Type Accumulators" used in the pressure line dampen hydraulic shocks in every pressure class, protecting the test specimen. Hydraulic service manifolds enable rapid oil drainage from connected hydraulic cylinders during unexpected emergencies, reducing pressure to zero. HSMs can independently control the pressure of a test station from the central hydraulic power unit (HGU).


Advanced Design, Quality Components

"Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" stand out among other hydraulic service manifolds due to their advanced design, quality components, and various options. Filters on the HSMs ensure oil cleaning and proper pilot circuit feeding. HSMs can be single or double outlets placed in the test area to ensure correct and effective cylinder feeding.


Innovative Technology

Rota Teknik employs the latest technology, the best equipment, and highly skilled technical staff to provide global service and support across all sectors. "Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" maximize repeatable accuracy and fully satisfy needs with soft on-off options.

Accurate and Repeatable Results

"Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" feature innovative technology that offers protection against unexpected pressure fluctuations. HSMs can independently control pressure for different test units fed by a single hydraulic power unit.

Advanced Security Features

Unexpected cylinder movements can occur due to sudden pressure rises and falls in hydraulic systems, potentially damaging personnel, the tested part, and the system. "Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" rapidly reduce hydraulic pressure in potentially dangerous situations, providing a smooth and controlled transition from closed to low or high pressure. With advanced safety features, HSMs increase safety by eliminating unexpected situations and minimizing damage. Hydraulic service manifolds enable predictable system control.


"Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" provide various advantages without affecting other systems. HSMs enable efficient test setup, stable operation, and maintenance of individual test systems without impacting other systems. "Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" independently control the test system and quickly reach results.

Additional Filtering

"Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" offer additional filtration advantages in conjunction with filtration provided by the hydraulic power unit. HSMs protect valves and cylinders by filtering contamination that may occur in the lines. The main line of "Rota Hydraulic Service Manifolds" is equipped with a pilot pressure filter with a 10 μm filtration capacity, and the pilot line has a 3 μm (absolute) filtration capacity.

Dependent Flow Range

Rota Teknik Hydraulic Service Manifolds support flow rates of 160 litres/minute (Single) and 320 litres/minute (Dual). Additionally, Rota Teknik manufacture hydraulic service manifolds that support a more comprehensive range of flow rates, depending on the need.