Wave Generator Software

Simulate irregular waves in laboratory environments, replicating the effects of wind on oceans and open seas. Choose from Pierson-Moskowitz Spectrum, JONSWAP Spectrum, TMA Spectrum, Gaussian Spectrum, and Gamma Spectrum, or define a custom spectrum.

The first domestic irregular wave generator application in Turkey was manufactured by Rota Teknik in ITU Hydraulics Laboratory and has been used in many projects and scientific researches for more than 30 years.

Doç. Dr. Özgür Kırca

ITU Civil Engineering Department

Research and Performance Modeling

Employ Wave Generators to model the performance of scale models of sea/coastal structures and ships under waves. Conduct research on wave forces on structures, wave-induced solid matter movement problems, wave-induced turbulence, and flow instability. Create waveforms for performance modeling and analysis using Wave Generator Software.


Waveform and Orbit Planning

Enter desired regular or irregular wave properties, and the software calculates waveforms according to the wave pool/channel dimensions. The software then performs inverse kinematics calculations and extracts system trajectory to generate these waves. Load the "Wave Generator Axis Controller" along the trajectory to simulate these waveforms.


Different Wave Spectra

Generate regular (monochromatic or harmonic) waveforms (sine, triangle, square waveforms) or sine-sweep regular waveforms of varying amplitudes and wavelengths. Choose from various wave spectra options in the software (Pierson-Moskowitz Spectrum, JONSWAP Spectrum, TMA Spectrum, Gaussian Spectrum, Gamma Spectrum) to model the distribution of irregular waves across different scales (wave periods) due to wind effects in oceans and open seas. Advanced users can optionally define a custom spectrum.