Piston Type Wave Generators

It is used to create shallow water waves and examine water structures' performance under shallow water waves. It can create regular waves according to wave height and wave period or irregular waves according to desired wave spectrum parameters and wave generation time.

The first domestic irregular wave generator application in Turkey was manufactured by Rota Teknik in ITU Hydraulics Laboratory and has been used in many projects and scientific researches for more than 30 years.

Doç. Dr. Özgür Kırca

ITU Civil Engineering Department

Tests of Marine and Coastal Structures

Wave Generators are among the most critical infrastructures in research laboratories of disciplines such as coastal, offshore, and naval engineering. It is used both for modeling the performance of scale models of sea/coastal structures and ships under waves, as well as providing the opportunity to conduct experimental scientific research on fundamental research subjects (such as wave forces on structures, wave-induced solid matter movement problems, wave-induced turbulence and flow instability).


Shallow Water Movements

They operate on the principle that the wave pallet, which is placed vertically with respect to the wave channel, makes periodic back-and-forth movements in a single degree of freedom. And it is integrated with software that can prevent wave reflections by using the advantage of linear displacement movement. Shallow water and shoreline wave movements can be simulated with high precision. It is also preferred for simulating long waves reflecting the characteristics of solitary wave or N-wave type tsunami waves or for examining the wave structure and wave-base interaction problems in the wave-break region.


Regular and Irregular Waves

It can create regular waves calibrated according to the desired water depth, wave height and wave period. In addition, calibrated irregular waves are produced according to the desired wave spectrum parameters and wave generation time. Piston Type Wave Generators are manufactured in different sizes in line with the needs. The system is designed according to the width and height of the flaps, and pool/tank dimensions, depending on the requested wave amplitude and wavelength. In addition, waves travelling along the channel can be created with a single flap for narrow wave pools (wave channels) and multi-directional wave generation solutions (creation of a directional wave spectrum) that can be affected from different directions by using multiple flaps for large pools.