R+L Hydraulics

R+L Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality power transmission and fluid engineering products. The company offers various accessories, including couplings for stationary and mobile systems, vibration and shock-absorbing pump adapters for IEC and NEMA motors, aluminum oil tanks, oil coolers, and heaters.

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R+L-Product Family •

• Aluminum fixed and vibration-receiving drums between 160-800 mm • SPIDEX®-Star couplings A15 to A125, aluminum, steel, cast steel, sintered steel • DENTEX®-Threaded couplings • Al-Warehouses and Accessories • Vibration Damping Elements • Refrigerated Drums • Elastic Couplings • Torsional Couplings • Steel Gear Couplings • Disc Couplings • Water Coolers • Air Coolers • Cooling Systems • Heaters