Rota Teknik is Turkey's General Distributor for the UFI Group, a world leader in filtration technology and thermal management. UFI serves various industries, including automotive, aerospace, marine, unique industrial, and customized hydraulic applications. Renowned for innovation, UFI's products and expertise are utilized in various vehicles, from Ferrari and other leading F1 teams to the European ExoMars spacecraft.

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Research & Development

At UFI Innovation Centers in Italy, China, and India, research, design, development, and testing of new filter materials and filtration solutions occur. State-of-the-art test equipment that simulates operational conditions is utilized. In addition, special production facilities and advanced physical-chemical analytical research techniques are conducted in collaboration with universities in Italy and other countries. These partnerships inform the development of filters and filter technology customized for customer demands.


Hydraulic Division

Established in 1992 in northern Italy, this division is the branch of the UFI group dedicated to hydraulic filtration. The group specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing the most comprehensive, reliable, and highly efficient hydraulic filters for industrial and mobile applications. UFI Filters meet hydraulic system requirements, providing maximum protection with high efficiency and consistent stability, thanks to high-performance materials and microfiber filtration media, according to market and technology demand.


Filter Hydraulic / SOFIMA Filter / Hydraulic

• UFI Filter Hydraulic and SOFIMA Filter Hydraulic are both brands recognized and dedicated to the hydraulic industry since 1992. • They were combined under a single website and a single catalog for the first time. • This combination represents a significant step forward in studying filtration issues with users, sharing their worldwide experience, ensuring a safe and continuous level of filtration, and creating efficient and reliable hydraulic systems. • The combination of UFI Filter and SOFIMA Filter aims to increase market speed and react more quickly to supply demands due to the high demand created by these brands while offering reliable products simultaneously.

Product Types

Suction Line Filters

Suction line filters protect hydraulic pumps from the lack of initial system cleaning and accidental coarse contamination. They prolong the life of other smaller-capacity filters in the system. The required filtration level for the system should be provided with Return Line and/or Pressure Line filters. Proper selection and sizing of suction filters are crucial for efficient pump operation without cavitation.

Cal Series

ESA-ESB Series

• Flow Capacity: 600 lt/min. until • Material; Terminal: Polyamide (Aluminum in ESA & ESB 51-52 Types) • Back Cover: Polyamide (Zinc coated steel in ESA & ESB 51-52 Types) • Bypass Valve: (ESA) Polyamide • Magnetic Core: (ESB) Synthetic Magnetic Material • Differential Pressure Drop: 1 bar • Bypass Valve Setpoint: 30 kPa (0.3 bar) ± 10% • Working Pressure: -25° /+110° C

FMA – LFM Series


• Max. Flow capacity: 500 lt./min. Body Material: Aluminum Alloy • In FSC31 & FSC41 Types; Body and Head: Aluminum Alloy • Hopper: Polyamide • In FSC71 & FSC81 Types; • Cover and Body: Aluminum • In FSC51 & FSC61 Types; • Body; Steel / Cover: Aluminum On-Off Valve: Polyamide Sealing: NBR Nitrile (FKM – Optional Fluoroelastomer) • Display Input: Brass • Differential Pressure Drop: 1 bar in ISO 2941 materials • Operating Temperature: -25°/ +110° C

FSD – MSE Type

FSE – AMF Type

• Max. Flow Capacity: 75 lt./min. • Material; Body: Aluminum Alloy Spin-on Sleeve: Steel • Bypass Valve: (ESA) Polyamide Sealing Elements: NBR Nitrile (FKM-optional Fluoroelastomer) • Display Input: Brass • Pressure; Max. Working Pressure: 12 bar • Differential Pressure Drop: (in ISO 2941 materials) 4 bar • Bypass Valve Set value: 0.30 bar ± 10% • Operating Temperature: -25° / +110°C

FSG – FAC Type