Rexroth brand products form the primary product group within the Rota Teknik Hydraulic program. Rota Teknik delivers original Rexroth quality by offering Engineering and Technical Consultancy services to help select the required parts at the most affordable prices and from its private stock. Rota Teknik also handles the supply of all materials and equipment that complete the range in hydraulic and pneumatic matters and their wholesale and retail sales in different locations from a single source.

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Industrial Hydraulics

Hydraulic Power Units are expertly designed with tank volumes ranging from 3 to 20,000 liters based on the required Pressure, Flow, and Power values from the project stage to the commissioning stage of the Hydraulic System.

Mobile Hydraulics

The Mobile Hydraulics business features high-quality hydrostatic drive technology products for various mobile applications (construction, agriculture, forestry machinery, etc.). Combining hydraulic and gear technologies also offers solutions tailored to specific applications or manufacturers.

Linear Motion Technology

Linear Motion Technology, used with preloaded operating software, allows for extremely fast commissioning and automatic parameterization of the servo drive. The modern, intuitive Web HMI with modular drag-and-drop configuration enables immediate software use, even without prior knowledge, saving up to 80% more time during commissioning than traditional systems.

Assembly Technologies

Bosch Rexroth Assembly Technology specializes in creating future-proof manufacturing solutions for various industries. It provides smart, modular hardware and software solutions that seamlessly integrate into production IT, enabling you to plan, design, and continually improve your processes, from incoming goods to production and outgoing goods. Its portfolio includes sliding shelves, frames made of aluminum profiles, ergonomic assembly workstations, and conveyor systems for fully automated production lines. Drawing on decades of practical experience, Bosch Rexroth continuously develops sophisticated and uniquely versatile mounting technology.

Gear Technology

Rexroth planetary gearboxes, featuring a wide range of gear ratios and torque, are available as drive, rotary, or winch drive on many Rexroth hydraulic motors. These gearboxes are also found in electric motors within the Rexroth eLION portfolio. Additionally, Rexroth offers central drives for axle-driven vehicles, providing both two- and four-wheel drive electric powertrains and multi-speed manual gearboxes.

Screwing Technologies

Bosch Rexroth's assembly technology and intralogistics solutions offer interactive, connected, and collaborative products, bridging new approaches across various industries. From incoming goods to production and outgoing goods, its future-proof hardware and software solutions seamlessly integrate into production IT, expanding the solution space for your future factory.

Drive and Control

Today, expectations for system solutions are higher than ever. A modern drive strategy must exhibit high performance, low energy consumption, high dynamics, and outstanding controllability. Bosch Rexroth's secondary-controlled drives deliver high dynamics, control accuracy, and energy recovery to meet these demands.

Casting and Mold Technologies

The following services are provided as a specialist partner: • Hydraulic casting. • Castings for general mechanical engineering. • Casting components for glass mould production. Rota Teknik’s extensive investments in technology and innovations, particularly in hydraulic casting, have allowed Rota Teknik to achieve its strategic goal of surpassing its long-standing competitors.

Servo Motor Pump Solutions

Servo devices automatically detect and correct errors, monitoring the operation of mechanisms with side feedback mechanisms. Industries widely prefer servo motors for high-precision applications, particularly those requiring position control. Rota Servo Motor Pump Solutions feature a motor-pump unit driven by a permanent magnet and servo-controlled synchronous servo motor. These servo pumps easily connect to machine control systems through the control unit, offering innovative and optimized drive possibilities for all sectors. Rota Servo Motor Pump Solutions provide shorter cycle times, higher accuracy, and lower noise development while significantly reducing energy consumption due to their dynamic working structure.


Hydraulic Power Units

Rota Teknik's leading product group, Hydraulic Power Units, features Rexroth brand valve and pump groups. These units are produced using the most advanced technology and modern production methods, meeting European Union EU norms at its Rota/Dilova production facility or, optionally, at Rexroth/Gebze facilities, where Rota Teknik is a Main Partner. Rota Teknik designs Hydraulic Power Units with tank volumes ranging from 3 liters to 20,000 liters and produces them according to the required Pressure, Flow, and Power values. The Rota Teknik expert technical staff oversees production from the project stage to the commissioning stage of the Hydraulic System.

Rexroth Factory Automation Applications

• Assembly and Handling • Automotive • Cutting Machine Tools • Packaging • Semiconductor Technologies • Solar Energy

Rexroth Sectoral Machine Applications

After-Sale Support

Rota Teknik maintains an ongoing relationship with its customers even after the sale, providing uninterrupted and continuous support in every subject and field, adhering to Rota and Rexroth standards. The expert engineers in the Rota Project Department are responsible for designing, projecting, manufacturing, commissioning, and delivering "Turnkey" facilities of Complex Hydraulic Power Units, Test Systems, and Special Machinery/Apparatus equipped with Rexroth products and standards.