Rota Teknik is the Turkey General Distributor for Resato, a Dutch intelligent high-pressure solutions provider that aims to enhance its customers' productivity worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in high-pressure technology, Resato possesses the knowledge to deliver reliable and safe solutions. The Resato product range includes test, injection, and control components and systems operating up to 14,000 bar and high-pressure waterjet cutting systems. Resato has expanded its product range with hydrogen refueling stations, pressure boosters, and test systems. Resato products are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, hose, glass, mining, automotive, aviation, etc.

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High Pressure

Various vehicles have components subject to high pressure, such as pumps, pressure vessels, and pipes. It is crucial to test these components to ensure their safety and quality. Its hydrostatic systems use liquids for testing, while its gas systems employ gasses. The test system offers a wide range of test pressures, up to 14,000 bar, and can be customized to your needs. Rota Teknik’s experts can advise you on your company's most suitable test system.


Oil and Natural Gas

In the oil and gas industry, crude oil and natural gas extraction is dangerous. A minor mishap can severely affect operators, drilling rigs, and the environment. Production must be carried out safely and in a controlled manner. Resato can support you in this process with various well-controlling systems. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, its experts will advise you on the most suitable device for your purposes.

Hose Test

Testing hoses ensure the safety of your employees, the installation, and the environment. Hoses can transport both gasses and oil. Various test systems enable hose testing in a workshop and on-site. Its mobile systems also provide flexibility in your workshop layout. All critical parts of its test systems are made of stainless steel, and experts will help you choose your hose testing system.