Rota Hydraulic Power Units

Rota designs, produces, and implements Hydraulic Power Units most suitably and cost-effectively, ensuring quick deployment.


Hydraulic Power Units and Auxiliary Equipment

• Small Scale Power Units • Large Scale Power Units • Customer-Specific Power Units • Valve Blocks • Auxiliary Equipment • Valve Stands • Accumulator Stands • Education Systems

Security and Reliability

The units come with heating, cooling, and filtration systems, allowing them to actively detect oil levels and temperature and filter pollution. Sensors and monitoring software constantly monitor these units, issuing warnings and alarms for early detection and control. Parameters monitored: • Oil Temperature • Filter Pollution • Energy Consumption

Features of Rota Hydraulic Power Units

Ease of Use

Rota Hydraulic Power Units boast advanced systems, ensuring user-friendliness, top-notch safety, and reliability.

High Efficiency

Recognizing the importance of energy efficiency in today's industry, Rota Hydraulic Power Units incorporate variable speed and/or variable displacement pump solutions, new-generation efficient electric motors, and systems designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Low Noise Level

Rota Hydraulic Power Units are meticulously designed to minimize operating noise by implementing necessary measures.


Rota Hydraulic Power Units maintain the proper oil operating temperature with an integrated water-cooled cooler. The temperature sensor and control system manage water consumption through the water line valve based on oil temperature, conserving water. An environmentally friendly air cooler option is also available if required.



Filters on pressure and return lines, along with an external circulation and filtering mechanism, ensure oil cleanliness remains within the desired range. Sensors measuring oil pollution and water content in the oil provide oil status reports, and the system's safe operation is guaranteed through warnings and alarms.



To handle flow demand fluctuations, provide emergency power during outages, or assist with shock absorption, hydraulic accumulators or batteries can be added.


Hydraulic Test Power Units

Units Rota Hydraulic Test Power Units are specifically designed to power test equipment in hydraulic test systems.