Hydraulic Actuators

With 25 years of industry experience, expert staff, and state-of-the-art technology, Rota Teknik provides customers with comprehensive Hydraulic Systems and custom Actuators of various sizes for diverse applications. Rota Teknik products and services offerings encompass everything from initial customer consultation to engineering services, certification procedures, project design, production, assembly, commissioning, after-sales technical services, and training. Rota Teknik produces Hydraulic Actuators in a wide range of diameters, strokes, and custom sizes to satisfy unique customer requirements and ensure seamless integration with plant and machinery operations. The standard (series) Cylinder production ranges from 40mm to 420mm in diameter and 0-12,000mm in stroke length.


Guaranteed Service for Various Industries:

Since its inception, Rota Teknik has successfully executed numerous projects and services both domestically and internationally, meeting the demands of numerous sectors in the field of Hydraulic Actuators. Rota Teknik's hydraulic actuators offer alternative solutions for all users, boasting superior and long-lasting features. Rota Teknik serves the following sectors: • Steel Production / Steelworks • Rolling Mills • Galvanizing Lines • Aluminum Production • Automotive Industry • White Goods Industry • Testing Machines and Laboratories • Aerospace Industry • Cement Industry • Industrial Oven Production • Molding Rooms • Drilling Machines • Elevator Systems • Lifting Machines • Stacking Machines • Mobile Crane Industry • Business Machines • Special Type Machinery Manufacturers • Textile Industry • Paper and Cardboard Industry • Packaging Industry Rota Hydraulic Actuators deliver continuous technical support both before and after production. Its pre-production services help identify application needs, cylinder dimensions, examine working conditions, and facilitate assembly. Rota Teknik also provides uninterrupted technical assistance and service post-production.


Rota Hydrostatic Bearing Actuators

High-frequency and precise movements are crucial criteria, especially in test applications. Recognizing this need, Rota Teknik pioneered the production of "Hydrostatic Bearing Hydraulic Cylinders" in Turkey. Developed entirely by Rota Teknik Engineering staff, "Rota Hydrostatic Bearing Actuators" offer: • A frequency range of 0-100 Hz • Position control precision of 1 μm Rota Hydrostatic Bearing Actuators feature hydrostatic bearings on the cylinder heads, supporting the piston shaft with minimal friction and preventing shaft deflection under high radial loads. These actuators deliver exceptional dynamic performance, reliability, and longevity.


Rota Electrode Arc Furnaces (EAF), Continuous Casting Lines (CCM), Ladle Furnace (LF), and Mandrel Actuators

Rota Teknik produces customized solutions for the Iron and Steel Industry, including: • Electrode Arc Furnace Actuators (EAF) • Continuous Casting Line Actuators (CCM) • Ladle Furnace Actuators (LF) • Mandrel Cylinders A flanged hydraulic Rotary Joint is added to the cylinder base to supply oil to the cylinder. The Actuators and Swivel Joint maintain clamping pressure in the cylinder throughout the steel sheet winding process, delivering reliable and excellent performance at variable rotation speeds.

Rota Roller Gap and Roller Preload Actuators

In rolling mills, exit quality, thickness precision, and consistent change of the plate are crucial factors. Rota Teknik ensures the highest quality in Rolling Mill Actuators by selecting top-notch Shaft and Pipe Materials, Sealing Elements, Cylinder Design, and manufacturing workmanship, guaranteeing the full precision and quality of the resulting plate thickness. The Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) System enables high-precision position control. Using a servo-hydraulic system, the rollers are precisely positioned and maintain this position throughout the entire rolling process. Features include: • Customized heavy-duty cylinder design optimized for reliable, long life • Hard chrome plated and/or hardened piston and rod surfaces • Low-friction sealing elements • Bronze or plastic-bearing elements • Optional integrated position measurement system (Linear scales, Inductive sensors, etc.) • Optional integrated anti-rotation device • Optional integrated spherical bearings or roller bearings Rota Teknik also offers renewal and modernization of used cylinder force actuators as a cost-effective and fast alternative solution. During the initial design phase, the focus is on incorporating wear-resistant bearing materials and optimized low-friction seals.


Electrode Actuators

Electrode Actuators, designed to operate in dirty and hot environments, feature high-temperature-resistant sealing elements. To ensure safety, these actuators use refractory hydraulic fluids, requiring special materials for sealing elements. Rota Electrode Actuators guarantee superior quality in project design, materials, and workmanship, tailored to these working conditions.

Furnace Tilting and Holding Actuators

Rota Teknik produce Ladle/Furnace Tilting actuators, often used in iron and steel plants, designed to function successfully under high operating temperatures and challenging conditions.

Rota Double Acting and Single Acting Telescopic Actuators

Rota Telescopic Actuators are multi-stage actuators designed to deliver the same stroke in a shorter installation length, fitting into spaces where other actuators cannot. In other words, telescopic cylinders have a longer stroke value compared to other actuators when in the closed position. These actuators find widespread use in tower lifting and tilting systems, dump trucks, garbage trucks, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, trailer transfers, lifting platforms, onboard tipper lifting systems, drilling rigs, and more.

Rota Oscillation Actuators

Rota Oscillation Actuators are designed for use in oscillation tables, which help remove air bubbles that may remain in the liquid before the liquid steel from the ladle furnace enters the continuous casting line. Position-controlled hydraulic linear drives enable complete control of all oscillation variables during casting. This control flexibility allows applying different curve profiles to optimize the oscillation process. Simultaneously, the pulse amplitude and the oscillation frequency can be adjusted according to the casting speed during casting. Key features of Rota Oscillation Actuators include a highly dynamic response, accuracy, low friction coefficient, and high side load absorption capacity, thanks to the special support of the piston rod.

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