Rota Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Rota Teknik meticulously design and produce Rota Hydraulic Rotary Actuators to meet customers' needs, providing the desired torque, speed, and dimensions in any required connection type. These actuators seamlessly integrate into the systems they will be adapted to.

High Torque and Precise Control

Rota Teknik manufactures Hydraulic Rotary Actuators to deliver precise control, even at very high torques. One can accurately monitor rotation control, torque, speed, oil temperature, and other desired data through strategically placed measurement sensors.

Effective Solution for All Industries

Rota Teknik meticulously manufactures Hydraulic Actuators using materials suitable for the harshest working conditions, considering required rotation loads (torque), ambient temperatures, rotational speeds, rotation angles, drive shaft connection types and all other external factors. Furthermore, in working environments with intense acid exposure, Rota Teknik designs and manufactures Stainless Steel Actuators with all parts providing excellent working performance, ensuring a long and healthy service life. It uses special types of Sealing Elements and other materials for environments with dense dust, pollution, or high temperatures, ensuring problem-free operation.


Precision and Speed in Project Design, Assembly, and After-Sales Support

With its long years of industry experience and expert engineering staff, Rota Teknik delivers quick and satisfactory service during pre-sales and sales stages and after-sales support. The meticulous Rota Teknik team works on all possible applications, providing customized solutions for different sectors' needs. *For detailed information and technical advice, contact Rota Teknik's experienced expert staff anytime.


Overview of Specifications

Rota Teknik Rotary Actuators feature a fast-acting safety function that works in harmony with actuators, delivering high levels of axial rotation and rack and gear cylinders.

Rota Teknik Rotary Actuators have electrical and hydraulic interfaces for signal and power transmission. Furthermore, they offer positioning through a regulated linear actuator, limiting the maximum closing speed during rapid closing, and a design incorporating integrated cushioning capability. Rota Teknik successfully manufactures all types of Hydraulic Rotary Actuators.


Rota Teknik meticulously designs and produces "Rota Hydraulic Rotary Actuators" to meet the specific needs of its customers. This includes providing the desired torque, speed, and dimensions and accommodating all required connection types, ensuring seamless integration with the systems they will be installed in.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Rota Teknik delivers solutions for both pneumatic rotary actuators and specialized hydraulic actuators, catering to various needs.

Special Implementations

Rota Teknik designs and manufactures stainless steel actuators for work environments exposed to intense acid contact, ensuring excellent performance and a long-lasting, reliable service life for the body and all its components.

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