Rota Teknik Test Control Software: Comprehensive Test Solutions for the Future

Rota Teknik Test Control software is an essential test system component, allowing well-engineered hardware to work cohesively and efficiently. As technology advances, Rota Teknik continuously develops software modules for test systems to ensure the highest level of test experience. Modular and Dynamic: Customizable Solutions Rota Teknik offers modular and dynamic software packages for test systems, allowing users to configure the software by combining the necessary modules. This results in a practical, flexible, and expandable test system that adapts to future requirements. Hardware Independent: Freedom of Choice In the competitive world of hardware, Rota Test software allows users the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits their needs. The software is hardware independent and can communicate with various hardware options through different communication channels, ensuring seamless integration into the test system. Key Benefits of Rota Teknik Test Control Software: 1. Customizable and expandable software that adapts to future needs. 2. Hardware independence allows users to choose the hardware that suits their requirements. 3. Incorporates the latest technology to ensure a high level of test experience. Rota Teknik Test Control software offers advanced, customizable, and hardware-independent solutions for test systems. With its modular design and cutting-edge technology, users can create a test system tailored to their needs, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability for the future.


Main Features:

• Developed as Modular & Dynamic architecture, • Look and Feel approach across all single or multiple systems, • User and resource-friendly application, • Dynamic data display panels that can be opened in different types and unlimited number of times, • User events and critical system data record to SQL and NoSQL database systems, • High-resolution and high-speed, flexible data acquisition and logging system • Real-time applications with FPGA, • Progressive web application (PWA) that allows platform-independent remote monitoring • Crash prevention, warning and action system with double-stage indication of system limits, • Showing the causes and solutions of malfunctions that may occur in the system • Calibration option to correct measurement uncertainty, • Recipe-based sequence generation and automatic execution where you can specify test steps, • An organized list of procedures that describes step by step the operations that need to be performed in the software, • Calculation tool with preloaded mathematical formulas, • Authorization-based application usage, • Easy access to software data with your code using ready-made API,  • Language support

Real-Time System Control and Monitoring

Manual Control Module

The Manual Control Module, with its modular and dynamic architecture, provides a control screen where users can manage the entire test system through real circuit diagrams or mimic representations. The software module processes sensor information, operating states, and commands within the system, allowing for real-time control and monitoring. This versatile module benefits initial start-ups, trials, and testing situations that do not require automated testing procedures. By providing an intuitive and responsive interface, the Manual Control Module enables users to easily manage and oversee the test system while gaining valuable insights into its performance.

Enhanced System Protection and Monitoring

Warning and Alarm Module

The Warning and Alarm Module offers a double layer of protection for your test system: warnings and alarms. By setting lower and upper limits for each, your system is safeguarded from potential issues. This added layer of protection helps prevent unwanted situations and ensures the reliability of your testing process. With color indicators, the module provides quick and easily understandable information about the system's status. This allows users to swiftly identify and address any potential concerns or changes in the system's performance. Additionally, the module enables defining critical product tests or user-level restrictions. By implementing these customized configurations, the system's capabilities can be limited to prevent misuse or unintended actions, further enhancing the security and reliability of your test system.

Ensuring Accurate Measurements

Calibration Module

The Calibration Module is critical for today's test systems to correct measurement uncertainties. Proper scaling and referencing of equipment are essential for accurate testing. With this module, users can easily calibrate all sensors end-to-end in the system, ensuring reliable measurements and a dependable test system.

Custom Calculations and Monitoring

Formula Editor

The Formula Editor allows users to perform custom calculations using predefined mathematical functions. Users can create new variables using sensor data, mathematical constants, or other connected variables. These variables can be monitored numerically and graphically and logged for analysis. All operations can be performed dynamically during runtime, not just during the software development phase.

Streamlined Testing Process

Automatic Test Execution Module

The Automatic Test Execution Module simplifies testing by running sequences created according to their demands. The module automatically performs specific test steps in sequence based on working conditions and criteria determined after R&D. This recipe-based approach allows for quick configuration and efficient testing.

Adaptable Functionality and Privacy

Plug-in Module

The Module is designed for those who enjoy development and want to expand their test systems without altering existing software. Using predefined communication APIs allows users to add functionality to the code they develop, allowing for future growth and adaptability. This module also enables users to address service-specific issues within their company without sharing them with third parties, ensuring privacy and control over their test system.

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