Structural Pneumatic Pressure Control Unit (SPPCU)

Rota Pneumatic Pressure Control Units (RT-PPCU) are designed for use in the aerospace industry to perform various cyclic pressurization tests on volumes. They are unique in their compatibility with different types of controllers and their ability to create desired profiles locally. The pressurization can be monitored reliably with a built-in control unit and control display. Inlet Pressure ranges from 10-450 psi (0.69 – 31 bar) Outlet Pressure from 0-250 psi (0 - 17.2 bar) Maximum Air Flow Rate is 2000 SCFM (60,000 lt/min)


Reliable Design

Pressure peaks that may occur during pressurization control are mechanically and electronically limited. Throughout the entire test, user-defined alarms provide the safest monitoring and control.


Calibration Page

Calibration entries and tracking of all sensors on the system can be easily done.

Monitoring and Logging Functions

All events during the test can be tracked in the Log menu, and sensors can be monitored via the circuit diagram.

Local Control Capability

The system can be controlled manually with interfaces suitable for local control without needing an external controller. This local control capability allows for flexibility and ease of use in various testing situations. The RT-PPCU provides a reliable and versatile solution for pressurization tests in the aerospace industry, ensuring accurate results and safe operation.