Portable Valve Test Systems

The "Rota Portable Valve Test Systems" are designed for industrial environments and suitable for conformity control and functionality testing of servo, proportional, and on/off valves produced universally, operating at +24V. The Valve Test System enables users to work comfortably in field conditions, operating with the city network (100V AC~220V AC) and providing the valve control signal through internal converters without needing an additional power unit.


Ability to Separate Hydraulics from Automation System

Developed using practical field experience, the "Rota Portable Valve Test System" benefits commissioning, servicing, and troubleshooting systems with mechanical feedback servo valves and proportional valves. In valve system testing, separating hydraulics from electronics is often advantageous. With the "Rota Portable Valve Test System", the servo valve can be operated and controlled independently of the system electronics, helping determine if issues like zero slip, inappropriate oscillations, or failure to reach maximum speed are caused by hydraulics or electronics.


Fast, Practical, Comprehensive Test Solutions

Managing valve tests is simple with the "Rota Portable Valve Test System" buttons and a mobile device application. In addition to basic test methods, the mobile app offers extra test options for proportional and servo valves. The app allows users to apply ramp functions, harmonic waveforms (sine, triangle, square waveforms), and sine-scan waveforms to proportional and servo valves.


Reliable, User Friendly, Portable

The "Rota Portable Valve Test System" is a cost-effective solution for evaluating valve operation in the field, quickly and easily distinguishing hydraulic and electronic problems. Its portable bag structure, easy installation, and ergonomic design make it suitable for harsh working conditions without wasting time.

Far Beyond Needs

Designed to offer features beyond user needs, the "Rota Portable Valve Test System" allows precise operation in on/off, servo, and proportional valve tests with 100V AC - 240V AC system operating voltage, multiple output ports, on/off valve testing capability, and 2-channel PWM controlled current output.

Functional Design, Interactive Interface

The "Rota Portable Valve Test System" offers trouble-free test studies thanks to its functional design, mobile accessibility, and interactive user interface. Users can remotely access the internal operating system, which doesn't require a PC or PLC, via Wi-Fi and create tests. The user-friendly interface control panel and multi-functional screen make the system ready to use, providing optimal conditions for a fast and targeted approach to testing and commissioning proportional and servo valves.


Safe Operation with Protection Circuit

The "Rota Portable Valve Test System" ensures safe valve test studies with automatic voltage breakers and emergency stop button protection. The integrated protection circuit prevents damage to the device or valve in case of faulty connections. The system includes the cable set, and the lockable, robust carrying case is suitable for mobile use in harsh conditions.


Rota Portable Servo Valve Test System Features