Rota Laboratory Suite

Turn your lab resources into R&D outputs.

R&D, Quality Assurance and Production teams in many sectors from white goods to automotive manage business processes more efficiently with the holistic data collection, analysis and laboratory management solution offered by RLS.

Plan, execute and report your performance, design verification and quality assurance tests in one place.

RLS is an integrated software solution consisting of Data Collection, Data Analysis and Reporting, IEC 62552-3 Energy Regulation Compliance and Laboratory Management modules. All functions, from control panels of laboratory managers to test definition screens of test execution technicians, are managed from the user-friendly web interface. Optimized web services distribute the workload between the server and the browser, providing high performance even in the most demanding tests in the largest laboratory plan charts.

In the end-to-end laboratory solution, the test and revision history of the test sample entering the laboratory is kept, resource usage and cost analysis can be made by grouping on a project basis. The maintenance and calibration follow-up of the measuring devices and sensors in the laboratory is carried out automatically, and the upcoming maintenance and calibrations are notified to the relevant users.

End-to-end control with Lab Management Module

In labs of any size, efficiency goes hand in hand with test planning. It is inevitable that manual planning methodologies will evolve into an opaque structure that makes retrospective productivity reporting impossible. It offers a user-friendly interface for making RLS test reservations and tracking station usage.

Different regulations require different test conditions.

RLS provides the flexibility needed by lab administrators by allowing test environments (station, climatic chamber, hangar) to be created with user-defined parameters. If we consider environmental testing in climatic chambers, the Humidity & Temperature parameters of the test environment are critical. For such tests, RLS allows station requests to be made according to the conditions of the test environment and the most suitable test station to be selected automatically. The test client chooses the most suitable one among the stations listed according to the closest availability. It is also possible to plan and automatically change future test ambient conditions in climatic chambers managed by RLS.

Monitoring and scheduling of resource usage is now easy

RLS allows laboratory managers to instantly report the use of the laboratory, as well as to report and review its use in the past with timeline displays. For a test that goes beyond the scheduled time, the test period can be extended with the approval of the laboratory manager. The administrator can postpone the next tests at the station or perform operations such as shifting to the appropriate stations.

Powerful tools for engineering analysis

RLS provides the end user with high performance interactive graphics components with up to 100 million data points on n-channels. Different channels can be examined on different y-axes, notes can be taken on the graph, Average, Minimum, Maximum and User Defined Function values of the channels related to the test can be displayed as a table in the selected time interval on the graph. Up to 4 different tests can be viewed simultaneously in the same graph. Tests recorded at different time intervals can be compared using the time shift feature, thanks to the support of multiple x-axis.

Rota Laboratory Suite

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