Data Acquisition Systems

Rota Teknik supplies software solutions to manage collected data and versatile hardware options for various applications. Choose from compact or modular designs and customize them to fit your needs.

Data Acquisition Hardware

Rota Teknik excels in designing and manufacturing high-quality data acquisition hardware. Choose from Rota Teknik’s diverse product families for compact or modular solutions tailored to your requirements. The high-resolution measurement channels cater to multiple signal types. Trust Rota Teknik for the best hardware to meet your data acquisition demands.

Data Acquisition Software

Rota Teknik provides data acquisition software solutions for capturing and processing diverse data types, ranging from thermocouple temperature readings to load cell force measurements. Its software enables you to collect, process, and enrich data efficiently.

Signal Conditioners and Converters

Rota Teknik offers ideal Signal Conditioners and Converters for projects requiring various transducer types. Explicitly designed for load cells and strain gauges in linear and rotary displacement measurements, their innovative design eliminates the need for calibration during signal conversion, ensuring reliability in every application.