ASA, with Rota Teknik as its Turkey General Distributor, is a distinguished European company specializing in producing air-cooled/finned tube heat exchangers. Originating from Austria, ASA is known for its innovative and quality production, durability, and reasonable prices. Using ambient air to cool oil is cost-effective for maintaining hydraulic fluids within their optimal operating range. When applied with cooling systems, all ASA air-type cooling products and solutions help deliver the best performance throughout their lifetime and provide added value for the end user.

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LowLine Heat Exchangers

LowLine heat exchangers are designed for hydraulic systems with heat loads up to 10kW (13HP) and flow rates up to 100 l/min. These oil-air coolers feature a conventional threaded port and offer various options, including electronic fan control, mounting feet, or internal bypass valve integration. LowLine oil-air coolers are compact yet powerful, withstanding 26 bar (static) working pressure and compatibility with 12 or 24V DC motors or AC motors (50 Hz/60 Hz).


TT Rail

The ASA TT series heat exchangers boast powerful radiators with an operating temperature range of -20°C to +80°C and a working pressure of 26 bar (static). The patented ASA Rail System is an innovation in heat exchanger units, offering flexible mounting arrangements for hydraulic ports and add-ons such as temperature control, internal bypass, and filter integration. For instance, you can easily mount an Asa rotary filter with a temperature warning switch, clogging indicator, and bypass on a TT rail oil-air cooler.


AUC Series

The AUC is the highlight of this range of Asa heat exchangers. It is a unique Asa Universal Connector (AUC) with a flow-optimized design that reduces pressure drop. The AUC can be mounted in three ways, decreasing sealing ports while increasing mounting flexibility. This flexibility can be further enhanced by an additional BSP 1/2" ported wand spacer plate between the AUC and the radiator.


HL Series

The ASA HighLine (HL) series is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications, with operating temperature ranges of -20°C to +100°C and static operating pressure of 16 bar. The Asa HL series features powerful AC motors available in 230/400 V 50 Hz or 400/690 V 50 Hz. These powerful motors, combined with the large cooling surfaces of the HL series, result in the highest cooling performance.



The ASA H-Cube is a compact, intelligent solution for mobile applications. It enables the combination of standard, high-quality components in a personalized system, offering 3 different tank sizes (17, 23, or 30 liters) and 4 different cooler sizes (TT07, 11, 16, 25) to choose from. The fan can be driven by a hydraulic or DC motor.



The Asa ECO 11 FTF is designed for demanding applications like concrete mixers that generate high heat loads and require effective oil coolers. It is an integrated air-cooled heat exchanger unit consisting of an Asa radiator with tank, a high-quality suction filter and fan, and additional electronic components specially designed to ensure optimal cooling performance at all times.


Expansion Joint

Rubber compensators are elastic connectors with rotating SAE flanges used to dampen oscillations, vibrations, noises, and movements in the axial and transverse direction.


Technical Specifications

• Offers the most intense pressure-resistant refrigerant program with short delivery times and all relevant features. • Built-in bypass options and pollution-proof fins are the refrigeration industry's most accepted sizes. • ASA air-type coolers, characterized by high cooling performance and low-pressure drop, have a permeability and run at 800 lt/min. • With various hydraulic circuits, they provide the most suitable solution for applications in demanding industries such as lifting equipment, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles, and mining equipment.

Water Cooled Oil Coolers-ASA

Water-Cooled Oil coolers are the most efficient way to handle high heat load applications and harsh ambient conditions. ASA Water-Cooled Oil Coolers provide alternative solutions suitable for various applications. Shipbuilders, chemical plant operators, and other industries rely on ASA's traditional consultancy and services, as well as their durable and long-lasting products.


Shell-Tube ST Series Water Type Coolers

ST series water coolers are a series of heat exchangers made using a modular body and tube design method. The main benefits of this design are greater independence from the fluid quality used compared to other heat exchangers and ease of maintenance.


PHE (PWT) E Series Plate Type Water Coolers

• ASA plate heat exchanger is designed for both cooling and heating applications. • They are widely used for cooling hydraulic fluids and lubricating bearings. • Also used for water, air, steam, and gas applications.

Off-Line Coolers

ASA's Off-Line Cooling systems offer the best cooling and maintenance work for the oil, depending on the nature and needs of the application. In addition to the motor/pump and cooler combination, compact cooling systems are produced with separate cooler and motor/pump units. Water-cooled types are delivered with high-efficiency plate heat exchangers or versatile shell-and-tube coolers for harsh environments.


Mixed Cooling Solutions

ASA provides mixed solutions in all cooling areas, including charge air, compressed air, engine water, gear oil, compressor oil, and hydraulic oil. Fluid dynamics simulations, sizing software, wind tunnel test center and validation, and fan designs and production are all ASA's in-house activities. For more information, visit