Trigas, of which Rota Teknik is Turkey's General Distributor, is a German company known for its high-performance TrigasDM turbine flow meters and their superior features that cater to the needs of well-known automotive and aviation companies. TrigasDM products are used successfully in various industries worldwide. All flowmeters are calibrated at the factory with TrigasFI company, which has DAkkS Accreditation, and calibration service is also offered with integrated electronic solutions in different viscosity ranges according to customer demands.

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General features

• End Connection Type: Threaded, Flanged, Special. • Measurement Range: 0.05 l/min - 5700 l/min (0.013 GPM - 1505 GPM) • Repeatability: +/- 0.05% • Linearity (Viscosity <3mm²/s): +/- 0.5% (Linear range) +/- 0.1% (With Electronic card) • Response Time: <3 ms • Calibration Accuracy: +/- 0.03% • Operating Temperature Range: -270°C - +400°C (-454°F - 752°F) • Working Pressure: up to 540 bar • Output Types: Pulse, Modulated Carrier (RF), Sinusoidal • Material: Stainless Steel • ATEX: Appropriate flow meters are produced upon request.

Advantages of TrigasDM Turbine Type Flowmeters

• Innovative helical rotor blade design for improved linearity and reduced pressure drop • Asymmetrical design providing optimum flow conditioning and low sensitivity • Digital Output – High Definition • Ceramic ball bearings for optimum repeatability and improved design to measure low flows • Greatly increased measuring range • Start option with built-in temperature sensor • Ability to work with different fluids For more information, visit