Machine Safety Solutions in Hydraulic Systems

Industrial automation regulations mandate manufacturers to adhere to specific safety requirements to promote a healthy production environment for products, employees, and manufacturers. Like in other parts of the world, Turkey enforces safety obligations for machines, test systems, and production lines in industrial settings. These systems must comply with the Machinery Safety Directive (2006/42/EC). Rota Hydraulic Systems' Machine Safety Solutions support manufacturers in creating safe work environments and addressing visible and invisible risks. Rota Teknik's Certified Machinery Safety Experts conduct studies to assess risks associated with machine or equipment hazards.


Risk, Improvement, Solution

Rota Teknik's Certified Machinery Safety Experts perform risk assessments to identify hazards and implement necessary mechanical solutions, hydraulic-pneumatic improvements, or automation-related improvements to minimize risks. Risk assessments follow the EN ISO 12100 standard for machines in the design, test, or production phases. These include defining machine limits, determining applicable regulations and standards, identifying machine hazards, and estimating, evaluating, and analyzing risks for each hazard. The appropriate risk reduction method is selected under European Regulations, relevant standards, and predefined acceptable levels.


Safety Report, Safe Production

Rota Teknik's Certified Machinery Safety Experts offer EN ISO 13849-1 conformity report services, calculating and reporting the Performance Level (PL) value of the machine's safety-related control system components according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 13849-2 standards using SISTEMA and PAScal programs. These programs evaluate components in the safety control system and analyze the installation and connections of sensors and actuators. PL values for all declared safety functions are calculated, and suitable products are selected.


Safety First!

Small Interventions Prevent Big Accidents

The working principle of each machine is different from each other. This difference means that some machines are simple and some are complex. Whether the systems are simple or complex, they all have one thing in common: Security!

Each machine operates differently, resulting in varying levels of complexity. All systems, whether simple or complex, share a common goal: safety. Rota Teknik delivers the highest level of machine safety in hydraulic systems through industry experience, technological expertise, customized solutions, and prompt implementation. Machine Safety Solutions in Rota Hydraulic Systems contribute to extensive safety measures by making minor adjustments to the system, ensuring compliance with machine safety standards.

Exactly As Required

Precisely As Required Machine Safety Solutions in Rota Hydraulic Systems ensure safe, trouble-free system operation and help prevent potential malfunctions. Solutions include: • Using traceable valves. • Taking safety precautions during the design phase. • The depressurization of one side of the cylinder when idle. • Creating a safe area in front of pumps. • Opting for double valve operation instead of a single valve. • Organizing all elements within a traceable model.


Minimum Defects, Maximum Efficiency

While the primary goal is proper machine setup and maintenance, system problems may hinder achieving this goal. Preventing such issues requires basic safety measures implemented during the design and manufacturing stages. Ensuring machine safety must begin at the design stage.


User Friendly, Easy and Traceable

Safety Solutions in Rota Hydraulic Systems offer user-friendly, easy-to-use, high-value solutions that simplify complex security system management and ensure safe operation. Customized solutions and projects for machine monitoring are developed through Machine Safety Solutions in Rota Hydraulic Systems. These projects minimize production defects, maximize investment costs and product efficiency, and provide data for optimizing operations.