Servo Motor Pump Solutions

Servo motors are widely used in industries requiring high precision and position control. Rota Servo Motor & Pump Solutions offer motor & pump units driven by a permanent magnet and servo-controlled synchronous servo motor. These motors & pumps can be easily connected to machine control systems through a control unit. Rota Servo Motor & Pump Solutions provide innovative, optimized drive solutions for all industries, resulting in shorter cycle times, higher accuracy, and reduced noise levels. The dynamic nature of these systems significantly decreases energy consumption.


A Revolution in Energy Efficiency

Historically, fixed displacement or variable displacement pumps were used. Energy efficiency was initially achieved through three-way flow valves in injection presses, then proportional valves. Later, energy efficiency was achieved by increasing the number of pumps and adding or removing them in a particular order. With the development of variable speed pumps provided by servo motors, servo motor- and pump solutions have been increasingly used in injection press applications requiring variable flow and pressure. As a result, energy efficiency improvements of up to 50% or even 80% are achieved. This is accomplished by working at variable speeds to provide the desired flow rate and stopping the motor when not needed, preventing current draw.


More Value

In addition to energy efficiency, Rota Servo Motor & Pump Solutions also offer ramping movements, force control, and torque control as added features. This approach increases product quality, reduces costs, and allows for a quick return on investment. As energy efficiency becomes more of a necessity, interest in such applications is expected to grow.


Strong Collaborations, Solid Infrastructure

Machine manufacturers play a crucial role in developing new energy-efficient systems and optimizing the energy use of existing machines. Variable-speed applications have significant development potential in this regard. By providing the required power accurately and switching to idle standby mode, they reduce energy consumption by up to 80% depending on the working cycle, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Rota Teknik's partnership with Bosch Rexroth offers customers advantages through Rota Teknik's and Bosch Rexroth's solutions. As Bosch Rexroth's solution partner, Rota Teknik is a market leader in implementing these systems.


Modification in Competent Hands

Rota Teknik Servo Motor & Pump Solutions can be integrated into existing and new machines through updates, revisions, and reinforcements, providing high dynamic performance and comprehensive functionality. Modification and renewal processes require expert knowledge and skilled teams. Rota Teknik demonstrates these capabilities on both the hydraulic and automation sides of projects with its experienced staff. Customer requests, workflows, and project terminations are carried out quickly.


Award-Winning Projects in Energy Efficiency

Old-style low-efficiency motors have been replaced with servo motors and internal gear pumps suitable for variable-speed operation. The Injection 3 Servo Motor Pump Conversion Project, implemented by Rota Teknik in August 2020 at BSH Çerkezköy Laundry Factory, was awarded second prize in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) 2021 Industrial Energy Efficiency Project Competition (SENVER-21). Energy consumption per unit of plastic weight printed was reduced from 0.769 kWh/kg to 0.33 kWh/kg, significantly increasing efficiency.

Return of Investment in One Year

Rota Servo Motor Pump Solutions enables fast, efficient, and quiet operation by integrating easily with existing machine systems through analytical problem-solving engineering. Transformations that pay off in less than a year offer environmentally and human-friendly applications with a low CO2 footprint, reduced energy consumption, lower noise levels, more efficient production, and more dynamic system response.

Overview of Specifications