Hydraulic Flushing & Pickling Units

Carrying out cleaning (flushing) operations is crucial for hydraulic systems' long-term, trouble-free operation. After completing the piping, welding, and assembly processes of hydraulic circuits, cleaning processes applied before the system is put into normal operation ensure that all particles above a certain size are removed from the system, and hydraulic circuits are cleaned according to expected standards. Flushing operations in hydraulic systems are performed using "Flushing Units." Rota Teknik, with its 25 years of industry experience, helps prevent all kinds of damage and malfunctions caused by pollution during the system's normal operation, subsequently increasing production efficiency. Cleaning operations with Rota Teknik Hydraulic Flushing Units help avoid malfunctions and production losses resulting from pollution and significantly reduce spare parts and maintenance costs.


Warranty Solution

Offering effective solutions in this field, Rota Teknik provides guaranteed results in flushing processes in accordance with international norms. Although pumps, valves and other circuit elements in hydraulic systems are very sensitive to pollution, this sensitivity is even higher in proportional and servo valves. In hydraulic systems without flushing, the existing filters get clogged frequently, deteriorating the characteristics of the hydraulic fluid in a short time, and unexpected breakdowns and downtimes occur by decreasing the performance of the system. The high frequency of failures creates the need for back-up of hydraulic circuit elements and increases the stocking costs. All necessary cleaning operations are carried out with "Rota Hydraulic Flushing Units", preventing production losses, increasing maintenance and stocking costs, and increasing system performance.


Wide Range of Solutions, Rental Option

Hydraulic systems can be polluted by various substances, such as soil and sand particles, rust, sawdust, welding burrs, slag residues, and paint residues. Rota Teknik offers a comprehensive range of professional solutions for flushing operations to prevent the adverse effects of pollution in hydraulic circuits and maximize the performance of hydraulic systems. These sensitive and essential operations are performed by expert teams in accordance with standards, using modern, technological, and specialized devices for pollution measurements, ultimately extending the system's operating performance and lifespan. Additionally, "Rota Hydraulic Flushing Units" with suitable dimensions and features can be rented upon request.


Consulting and Projecting

Rota Teknik also provides Project Planning and Consultancy services in this area.

Line and system cleaning carried out by Rota Teknik are determined on-site by laser and diaphragm measurement & analysis technicians using four different standards (ISO 4406:99, ISO 4406:87, NAS 1638, and SAE AS 4059). These measurements are reported with device outputs. Rota Teknik successfully performs flushing at the required cleanliness levels in both newly installed systems (before the system is put into use) and systems that are in operation.

Rota Teknik supplies Flushing Equipment (Rent or Purchase), Tanks, Measuring Devices, Motor Pump Couplings, Filter Vessels (Filter Elements), and Heating Equipment, among others. In addition to providing these supplies, Rota Teknik also offers Flushing Consultancy, Flushing Training, Flushing Project Design, Consultancy, Control, and Turnkey Flushing Services without any issues.