After Sales Support

Rota Teknik maintains strong relationships with its customers even after sales, providing uninterrupted and continuous support in every subject and field.


With its experienced engineers and technical staff, Rota Teknik offers the most suitable solutions to meet the traditional technical and cost challenges of all systems in its areas of expertise.

During the pre-production project design phase, system designs are created using the most modern and advanced solid modelling programs, with system simulations and technical analyses applied when necessary.

Rota Teknik is an industry leader in industrial and mobile systems design, manufacturing, and commissioning, offering numerous products and solutions. The company maintains its leadership by providing exceptional after-sales service and technical support.

For all products and systems supplied by Rota Teknik, various advantages are provided, such as determining application needs before production, examining working conditions, and ensuring ease of installation and maintenance. Additionally, uninterrupted technical support and service are provided after production and delivery.